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Shipping Information


In-Store Pickup

Available to shoppers based in Taiwan. Arrange pickup to your local convenience store.

- 7/11

- FamilyMart

- HiLife

- OK Mart


Domestic Post (Taiwan)

Postage available nationwide, to Taiwan mailing addresses including outlying islands.

2-3 Days



T-Cat Express Delivery

Express delivery service to Taiwan.

Next Day Delivery (excluding outlying islands)

全球寄送, worldwide shipping, 滿一百美金全球免運, Free International shipping when you spend US$100

World Wide Shipping

Delivery Worldwide via international post or courier services. 

Free international shipping on order over US$100


Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong - available via SF Express 3-5 days.

Other Aisa  - Chunghwa Post 5-7 Days

Rest of World - Chunghwa Post 1-2 Weeks


Tracking available to all markets except Canada, Australia, USA, UK.

Please Note: Carrier services have been reduced due to COVID19 Pandemic, all international shipping is delayed.